Connectivity - device integrations

We present a constantly updated list of integrations, automation solutions and communication protocols supported by ConnectorIO.
By design, ConnectorIO is a multi-protocol system, independent of a specific hardware manufacturer, which is why the integration list will be successively increased.

One Platform - Many integration standards
ConnectorIO one platform - many integration standards

We can connect devices already installed and described within the building network, as well as non-standard devices that are added to upgrade the system.
After enabling the device in ConnectorIO, you can control it, visualize its status and automate it based on interactions with all other elements of the ConnectorIO system.

Physical communication - individual system devices must be connected to the ConnectorIO hardware gateway, but they do not need to be physically connected to each other in order to use automation.
Available connection types:

  • network interfaces,
  • serial communication,
  • wireless connectivity.

List of integrations, supported devices and communication protocols

knx logo connectorio integration


KNX - open standard for commercial building automation.
Most popular standard for wired installations used in commercial real-estate and households. Based on a two-wire system.

ConnectorIO can integrate via IP gateways as well as with serial interfaces.
Common use-cases:

  • "Intelligent" electrical installations.
  • Actuators, relays.
  • Integration with heating systems.
oms logo connectorio integration


Open Metering System.
European standard for wireless meters covering: gas, oil, water and electricity. Used for heat reporting and heat cost allocation.
Common use-cases:

  • "smart" electric meters,
  • water meters,
  • heat meters,
  • electrical equipment,
  • heat dividers.
zigbee logo connectorio integration

ZigBee ®

ZigBee - Wireless communication protocol.

swegon logo connectorio integration

Swegon ®

Swegon - company which develops products for the ventilation and indoor climate systems.

modbus logo connectorio integration

Modbus ®

Modbus - serial communications protocol.

A common language for industry-wide integrations. Developed  in late 70’s – used till today. Despite the evolution of new standards, an undisputed leader in terms of connectivity.Common use-cases:

  • Drivers, process controllers
  • Valves, actuators
  • Meters
  • Industrial equipment
wm-bus logo connectorio integration

M-Bus / WM-Bus ®

Works in combination with OMS.

  • Wired version  M-Bus
  • Wireless version WM-Bus
zwave logo connectorio integration

ZWave ®

ZWave - Wireless communication protocol.

siemens logo connectorio integration

Siemens S7 ®

Siemens S7 Siematic® - automation system based on Programmable Logic Controller from Siemens

bacnet logo connectorio integration

BacNET ®

BACnet - Communications protocol for Building Automation and Control (BAC) networks. One of most popular protocols in HVAC in continuous development since 90’s.

ConnectorIO supports BACnet/IP as well as serial interfaces with MSTP.
Common use-cases:

  • Air handling units.
  • Valves, actuators.
  • Process controllers.
  • Heating systems.
bluetooth logo connectorio integration

Bluetooth ®

Bluetooth - Wireless communication protocol.

wago logo connectorio integration

Wago ®

Wago PLC

dali logo connectorio integration

Dali ®

Dali - used for digital lighting control.
Early 90's invention of Phillips, still in use with version 2.

DALI 2 is an international standard.

® Registered signs - means that all the mentioned brands and logos are registered trademarks belonging to their respective owners.