Proptech projects portfolio

We consider ourselves a PropTech startup with our technological approach to delivering solutions for the Real Estate sector.
We have established ConnectorIO as a brand in late 2018 but the experience and input comes from previous years (2016-2018).

Our Customers - Projects & Testimonials

Project involved complex aspects of open source customisations: writing complete set of extensions in Java for login and registration, look & feel adjustments leading to integration of 0Auth and OpenID. Connect standards with in-house supplier database. We as well as our customer believe that we received remarkable service which exceeded our expectations.
[...] strong commitment into the technical field let our customer offload own staff, great quality of contribution and smooth communication with the team and other third party contractors. - recommendation - Recommendation letter

ConnectorIO sp. z o.o. supported us in software development related to OMS and WM-Bus integrations.

Service period took place in late 2018. We also used additional support in 2019 which was related to further improvements in software as well as security setup of OAuth and OpenID Connect solution.

The collaboration was very productive and the firm always delivered high quality results to our fullest satisfaction.

KUGU connectorio recommendation letter

KUGU - Recommendation letter



Management of industrial 9 HVAC units (Norway, Swegon, 9000 m3/h each) - project aimed to reduce the amount of manual actions required to steer climate in office building. Major achievement was reduction of energy consumption, smaller overhead for facility management while keeping necessary climate in rooms.


HVAC units

Control application for Lutron lighting system (USA) - integration with vendor hardware through defined communication protocol. Our work led to the creation of completely new mobile application for users of the building which allowed them to manage Smart TV’s together with lighting.



Environment monitoring with BLE sensors (Poland) - proof of concept work with low energy sensors to track temperature, humidity and moisture point.


BLE sensors

Metering solution with OMS/WM-Bus (Germany) - data gathering system based on several gateways deployed in residential buildings which monitored in total several hundred smart meters reporting data such as water, gas, electricity and heat consumption creating a complete insight of demands occurring during daily building use.


OMS metering

Fine grained energy monitoring (Poland) - application with high density of probe cycles which detects drops of voltage supplied by grid and risk of device damage.