Intelligent software HUB to interconnect industrial devices

At ConnectorIO we are developing a software solution that bridges the gap between industrial hardware from different providers and lets this equipment exchange bits of data to allow smart management.

Get Rid of Problems With Different Industrial Standards

ConnectorIO is an intelligent universal software hub which interconnects various hardware coming from different manufacturers under one unified user interface to let you manage it with ease and avoid compatibility issues.

Your hardware our software. Stop investing in managing various industrial standards with many different software solutions. Connect it all with one software - ConnectorIO.

ConnectorIO is a software solution developed on openHAB and open-source software with personallized device drivers and with centralized security management.

Our Software Solves This Problem by

Collecting Data

Collecting data from different equipment manufacturers and storing it in cloud or one central database.

Centered Management

Adding a centralized user interface with visual dashboard to display all the data provided.

Devices Interconnection

Designing rules for device interaction to let them listen and communicate with each other allowing deep optimization and producing cost economies.

Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for you? Here's how you can apply this solution to your industry. Download the ConnectorIO product brief.

Wondering what are the possible appliances for the business in which you operate?

This product brief describes possible ConnectorIO software appliances for various industries and businesses presenting the benefits and problems which can be solved for each one of them.

vs. BMS

Building Management System Benefits

Want to Know More?

If you want to learn more about our product or see real-life use cases contact us and we will explain what are the possible appliances in your business and what benefits can you draw from ConnectorIO solution.

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