We reduce The Building's Environmental Footprint by Efficiently Managing the Systems Within

PropTech Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Connectorio improves the building's sustainability and internal comfort by efficiently managing its existing technical systems in real-time, reducing technological risks and providing valuable data to property owners.


We provide software for building automation - a PropTech solution for commercial and industrial buildings with the people and environment in mind. PropTech is a combination of Information Technology and the Real Estate market.

comfort and well-being


We provide comfort, safety and well-being in your building.
We do this by controlling the technical systems and optimizing energy consumption to fit the exact demand.

END RESULT: Happy and more productive employees. Efficient energy management, lower utility bills and mitigation of technological risks.

buildings environmental impact

Reduced Carbon Impact

The efficient use of only two systems in the building: HVAC and lighting is responsible for almost 70% of its total energy consumption.

Optimally managing these two resources can bring 30% in energy reduction and even more with smart automation.

We can go beyond that, plugging even more systems into ConnectorIO.

improve buildings sustainability


All parties are happy in the end. It is a win-win scenario.

Employees profit from better comfort in their workplace, property managers benefit from reduce utility bills, the environment is less polluted.

Types of buildings we optimize

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Office Buildings, Hotels
For: Property Managers, Facility Managers, Tenants

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Traditional BMS vs. Cloud

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Factories, Logistic Halls
For: Production Managers, Quality Managers

ConnectorIO industrial building solutions

Industrial Buildings

What is your challenge?

Tell us more about your project and we will help you achieve your company's goals. Schedule a call or learn more about some of ConnectorIO's possible use cases.

Media Metering

What can be measured, can be managed!

We help you gather data from water and electricity meters to measure the exact consumption for each building, floor or a defined zone.

Devices Up-time

In the manufacturing plants it is crucial to measure the technical systems up-time.

We help you monitor your equipment in real-time and quickly react to alarms.

Property Reports

ConnectorIO gathers data from all connected systems & aggregates it in one place.

We generate reports for Property Managers, Facilities Management & Tenants.

Eg. measure sustainability by calculating CO2 emissions.

Bills Forecasting

Having the historical data at disposal enables our Clients to predict the future media consumption.

Clients optimize media & energy consumption, thus generating savings.

How it works?

ConnectorIO is a software+hardware solution which can easily integrate into your existing environment without need for expensive investments in modern hardware. How it works? Here's the process...


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Integrate all devices in one dashboard

One user interface lets you manage data from all your devices and design device interactions.

Electrical Systems


Water/Gaz Meters

Heating Systems

Ventilation & A/C

We can gather data and control these systems: heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting, water and gas meters, sound. >>> Standard wired devices or Wireless and Smart IoT cloud enabled devices.


Automate industrial equipment with ease

In commercial buildings new equipment coexists with legacy hardware. ConnectorIO enables you to connect both together as easy as Plug & Play.

Supported system integrations

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knx logo connectorio integration
modbus logo connectorio integration
bacnet logo connectorio integration
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siemens logo connectorio integration
swegon logo connectorio integration
dali logo connectorio integration
bluetooth logo connectorio integration
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zwave logo connectorio integration

Devices plugged into ConnectorIO Software are subject to auto-discovery and automatic input/output channels detection. This process is as easy as Plug & Play.


Manage in real-time get reports, optimize

Unification of various hardware from different manufacturers through universal software hub lets you manage it, visualize data and optimize.

With ConnectorIO you can visualize aggregated data from all your connected systems and generate maintenance reports, estimate utility bills and environmental impact (CO2 emmissions) of the building.

Important Benefits

Effective Technical Systems Use

ConnectorIO lets you collect data from various industrial devices such as ventilation and heating equipment, electric panels etc. allowing to effectively manage these devices and ensure continuity of operation.

Central Data/Cloud Mangement - 1-UI

All data is centralized under one user interface, which replaces in most cases various incompatible building management systems (BMS).

Easy to train the maintenance staff to operate a single system instead of multiple different ones.

Assure Devices Compatibility

ConnectorIO's solution allows to create a software bridge between devices coming from various manufacturers and using different industrial standards to communicate.

This software HUB solves a lot of incompatibility issues and lets connect modern and legacy hardware.

Connect it, Manage and Automate

Connected devices from different suppliers may interact (two-way) with each other allowing for more effective use of their capacity.

Clients can apply sofisticated automation rules to let the devices interact. 
It becomes a SMART or IoT System.

Intelligent Software HUB connecting legacy and modern industrial hardware under one Interface. Customizable.

Here's a glimpse of its capabilities >>>

ConnectorIO is highly customizable. Call us and let us know what is your particular business challenge.

One software, one interface, multiple devices, all unified & interacting.

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Learn more about specific use cases

Get more insight on our software solution and download the whitepapers showing possible appliances and business cases in which you can apply them. Go to the Solutions Section or call and explain us your needs.

Connect with Us

We have established ConnectorIO as a company in late 2018 but the experience and input comes from previous years and projects (2016-2018) and over 10 years of experience in IT. Connect with us on social media to learn more or visit the resources page.

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