Automation Devices DATA Export To Cloud

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Cloud Challenges We Can Help You Solve

Collect Data

Extract the DATA from various devices coming from different manufacturers.

Send To Cloud

Sending DATA from multiple collection points to one place located outside the hardware is necessary to maintain backup.

Secure DATA

Adding a security to the collected DATA is vital for the solution to be useful.

Cloud Connectivity Becomes Necessity

With the development of building automation and industrial automation various communication standards settled on the market.

Businesses are often focused on a limited number of connectivity solutions offered by a few dominant companies. These companies set the tone and dictate trends of market changes.

The Cloud is the new, important market trend nowadays.

Customers are in constantly increasing demand for online services which allow remote access, management, and control of their devices.

More and more services will be provided through the cloud in the coming years. Even today, water meter billings can be carried out using this type of infrastructure.

The introduction of cloud leads to installing homogenous environments for managing different services. Data becomes centralized and integrated under one user interface.

We address these needs with ConnectorIO Cloud Solutions.

ConnectorIO Cloud - Screenshots

connectorio building automation software dashboard

ConnectorIO - Main dashboard

automation software energy consumption

Energy and Gas consumption

metering software gas consumption visualization

Gas consumption visualization

software energy metering graph

Energy metering graph

metering energy graph dashboard

Energy graph dashboard

automation metering software meters

Energy meters dashboard

industrial automation energy equipment layout

Energy meters layout

Ventilation - horizontal layout

building automation layout visualization

Building layout visualization

building automation ventilation temperatures

Ventilation - temperatures graph 1

building automation ventilation temperature graph

Ventilation - temperatures graph 2

building automation temperature visualization

Ventilation - temperatures graph 3

gas energy ventilation metering software

ConnectorIO - Gas consumption graph / Dashboard choice

building automation energy power graph

ConnectorIO - Electricity (Power, Voltage, Energy)

automation software electricity

ConnectorIO - Electricity (Energy, Current Intensity, Power)

metering software data export

ConnectorIO - Graph DATA export to CSV