ConnectorIO IoT Gateway

ConnectorIO needs one central computer system where the software’s engine is installed and collects the data, visualizes it and performs automation tasks

Hardware requirements and specifications

Hardware required to run ConnectorIO’s Software

  • Processor
    A 2-4 core processor, with 2 threads. recommended: 64-Bit architecture processor with support of floating-point numbers (hard-float). A more efficient processor is required when the frequency of data readings needs to be more granular (eg. a reading every millisecond).
  • ​RAM (operating memory)
    Minimum 2GB, recommended 4GB.
  • ​Storage
    Minimum 4 GB, recommended 8 GB type: eMMC or SSD used for data buffering tasks in case of network connection issues SD cards are not recommended due to data integrity problems during power failures and lower lifetime.
  • Connectivity / Communication ports
    Depends on the systems that need to be integrated. Serial ports: eg. RS-232 and/or RS-485. Ports’ voltage: to be specified. Wired connections: 2-3 cords/line (3 for ground).
  • Network communication
    Twisted-pair wiring - traditional Ethernet network cable. Number: depends on the number of devices to be controlled. More ethernet ports needed if more addresses, masks, and subnets are required.
  • Wireless communication
    The central unit (see picture) contains ports for antenna connectivity which allow for a wireless communication with remote devices.
boxer 6405u

ConnnectorIO Central Unit hardware (eg. Boxer 6405u)

The Central Unit supports two configurations:

  • local - works on-premises
  • cloud - the central unit acts as a device concentrator and data server

Device connectivity

Communication with devices is carried out either directly or through gates that provide appropriate data ports (input / output) for communication purposes.

We recommend wired connection due to reliable data flow. In case of devices scattered around the object, with which it is not possible to communicate by cable (even fiber optics), wireless communication can be provided.

Modern Internet of Things devices usually communicate wirelessly to their own cloud. ConnectorIO communicates with these devices by referring to this cloud and integrates the shared functions in its panel.

Download the hardware infrastructure map

We have drawn on it the integration options for the most common devices and communication standards.

connectorio hardware infrastructure map download

ConnectorIO Hardware infrastructure map download