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ConnectorIO - Intelligent Communication Bus connecting industrial and commercial devices

At ConnectorIO, we develop software that bridges the gap between the compatibility of devices and technical systems that are found in industrial and commercial buildings.
Ensure the connectivity of devices from different suppliers and exchange of data in one common system. Centrally control their operation and automate their work.

Video-Guides - ConnectorIO

Below are video-guides that illustrate selected functionalities of ConnectorIO software and the process of integration and configuring devices in the system.

Siemens S7 - connectivity

ConnectorIO demo with Siemens S7 controller.
Switching device states in the ConnectorIO device administration panel.

Siemens - cloud control

The video presents the process of configuration and event handling on the Siemens S7 controller.

Creating a visualization

Creating visualizations is possible thanks to the so-called widgets. The video shows the process of adding widgets to visualize the status of devices.

Integrations available in ConnectorIO

oms logo connectorio integration
knx logo connectorio integration
modbus logo connectorio integration
bacnet logo connectorio integration
wago logo connectorio integration
siemens logo connectorio integration
swegon logo connectorio integration
dali logo connectorio integration
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zwave logo connectorio integration

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Presentations - slides

Are you wondering what our solution offers compared to traditional BMS or SCADA systems?

Contact us and we will advise you on your building or industrial automation project and present the benefits that ConnectorIO implementation will provide in your enterprise.

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