ConnectorIO use Apache PLC4X

Thanks to Apache PLC4X project ConnectorIO, can help you supervising all your machines from anywhere in the facility or outside of it. We display management and service data in real-time.

ConnectorIO modules for Industry 4.0

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Media Metering

What can be measured, can be managed!

Measure the exact consumption for each building, floor, manufacturing line or even single machine. Connect media utilization with production cycles and get detailed overview of how much each and every of your products actually cost.

Devices Up-time

In the manufacturing plants it is crucial to measure the technical systems up-time.

We help you monitor your equipment in real-time and quickly react to alarms.

Property Reports

ConnectorIO gathers data from all connected systems & aggregates it in one place.

We generate reports for management and important stakeholders from gathered operations information. The more branches you have, the easier it gets.

Bills Forecasting

Having the historical data at disposal enables our Clients to predict the future media consumption.

Know your bills ahead and optimize your plans before hand.

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ConnectorIO Cloud

cloud data Logging

Many devices deployed in the field have dedicated interfaces for connectivity. Wether it is standard or not these interfaces can be utilized to collect real-time information about performance or troubles specific installation experience.

Cloud data logging allows to store, visualize and analyze production execution as well as asset operations. It is a watch which is always on the duty.

What benefits will ConnectorIO provide at your plant?

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