ConnectorIO Solutions for the Industry 4.0

Thanks to ConnectorIO, we enable you to supervise all your machines from anywhere in the facility or outside of it. We display management and service data in real-time.

For whom?

Engineers and Maintenance Managers
Managers of Industrial Plants
Warehouse Property Managers

ConnectorIO modules for Industry 4.0

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Media Metering

What can be measured, can be managed!

We help you gather data from water and electricity meters to measure the exact consumption for each building, floor or a defined zone.

Devices Up-time

In the manufacturing plants it is crucial to measure the technical systems up-time.

We help you monitor your equipment in real-time and quickly react to alarms.

Property Reports

ConnectorIO gathers data from all connected systems & aggregates it in one place.

We generate reports for Property Managers, Facilities Management & Tenants.

Eg. measure sustainability by calculating CO2 emissions.

Bills Forecasting

Having the historical data at disposal enables our Clients to predict the future media consumption.

Clients optimize media & energy consumption, thus generating savings.

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ConnectorIO Cloud Backup

cloud data backup service

A significant part of technical devices have an internal memory for storing production data based on SD cards.

This type of data storage is very unreliable and generates errors. In addition, SD memory cards have limited capacity as opposed to the cloud. In the case of increased recording frequency, the memory buffer in the form of an SD card overflows quickly and historical data is overwritten and lost!

Data backup to the cloud is a solution that allows you to secure technical system data, so you can use it to perform analytics and so-called "machine learning".

What benefits will ConnectorIO provide at your plant?

Call us and tell us about your biggest challenges, and we will choose a solution that optimally meets the requirements in your plant / industrial reali-state.