connectorIO UpTime Monitoring

A system for monitoring the operating time of industrial equipment and for immediate alerts on malfunctions or stoppages.

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ConnectorIO UpTime

Device Monitoring

maintenance monitoring system

It is a simplified solution for supervision over industrial devices. Monitoring of the device's operating time allows detection of anomalies and phases when the output signal is below or above predefined thresholds.

An excellent tool for quality control and maintenance teams in industrial plants. Monitoring takes place in real time, and the data is displayed in the central panel of the ConnectorIO application.


  • 24/7 hours real-time monitoring of equipment operation.
  • Maintenance of device data, regardless of recording frequency.
  • Lifting hardware restrictions on device drivers by saving data directly to the cloud.
  • Increasing the service life of internal data carriers of production equipment.
  • The ability to generate management reports and summaries of the availability of monitored devices.
  • Generating summary reports for freely defined device groups.