ConnectorIO Cloud - Industrial IoT, Cloud BMS Platform

Integrate all automation systems, building equipment & machines in one Cloud Platform

Measure | Monitor | Analyze | Automate
Monitor data from HVAC and technical systems, visualize, generate reports, automate and control devices remotely from one central panel in the cloud!

ConnectorIO Cloud main dashboard min

ConnectorIO Cloud - Main dashboard / modules

Remote infrastructure management, informed decisions, risk reduction, saving time & money!

  • ConnectorIO Cloud unifies the communication of integrated devices, creates digital equivalents of devices (digital-twins) to securely manage, group and automate them without restrictions.

  • The system is easy to use, requires no programming of hardware drivers, and in most cases provides automatic discovery and definition of the connected devices.

  • Give yourself a competitive advantage by managing based on real-time machine and device data. Reduce the risk of equipment failure and downtime through proactive monitoring.
    Make decisions based on intelligent reports generated by ConnectorIO.
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ConnectorIO IoT Connectivity Gateway

Get rid of problems arising from incompatibility of machines & building systems, combine them all into one smooth eco-system!

Modular & Extensible integration platform - Connect
All-in-1, regardless of the device providers!

Add new integrations and extensions without switching-off & rebooting the system or programming any hardware drivers. Everything in a few simple steps - basic skills in operating computer systems are sufficient.

Many Devices - One Platform

Our hardware gateway and software supports multiple protocols, and is independent of the hardware & cloud service providers.

High density visualizations

Thanks to digital-twin support, it is possible to read and write data at a higher frequency than directly from the device controller.

Manage a complete building's infrastructure

ConnectorIO can act as a local BMS/SCADA system, or in the cloud. Monitor the building's devices and machines remotely.

Reports with relevant KPIs

Reports are based on realistic data of a particular property which helps streamline better decisions and forecasting maintenance costs.

Modular design, effortless updates!

The system operates based on Extensions that can be installed without restarting the system. Quick & easy installation, retro-fits your current systems!

Preventive management, alarms

The system is perfect for preventive management of technical infrastructure. Alerts and real-time info about device status, events.

Device auto-detection, Plug & Play

Thanks to the built-in auto-discovery function, the system automatically detects and defines new devices within the system without programming.

Unification of data & units

Connected devices and systems obtain a fast and reliable, common platform for data exchange, management & automation.

Systems and installations integrated with  ConnectorIO

We primarily integrate heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting devices and systems, as well as environmental sensors and valves (water, gas).

Electrical Energy

LED Lighting

Water & Gas Meters

Environmental Sensors


Manual Switches

Access Control

Summary of benefits


Optimizing the operation of only HVAC and lighting systems translates into 70% optimization of the building's total electricity and / or gas consumption.


Increased efficiency of HVAC controls by 34-48% thanks to an intelligent control depending on the current room occupancy.


The solution is independent of the suppliers of equipment and cloud-computing services. ConnectorIO ensures compatibility and unification of data between many systems and devices.

Fast Reports

Analysis of building system data aggregated in one place allows you to accurately predict trends in media consumption and introduce savings.


Preventive maintenance and lower risk of equipment failure due to central supervision over their operation from one user interface on a laptop or mobile phone, all in real-time.

Easy Retrofit

Class B commercial real-estate and industry will gain a much higher level of comfort thanks to the option of combining existing infrastructure with modern IoT equipment. Without replacing existing installations.

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Cloud or Local BMS
Which one to choose?

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Industry 4.0 Solutions Guide

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Connectivity Infrastructure Map

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