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Connectorio Sp. z o.o. was created to increase the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings thanks to information technology. Our basic specialization is ensuring the connectivity of systems and devices from different manufacturers, as well as the development of software intended for building automation.

The basic product that we are developing is the ConnectorIO Cloud platform, which is a universal communication and data exchange bus connecting technical devices within the building, providing controls and advanced system automation.

Scope of activities

ConnectorIO Cloud BMS IIoT monetization model

ConnectorIO - scope of company activities

We offer services in the field of

Integration of building devices and systems

  • Ensuring wired and / or radio communication with building devices such as:
    - HVAC control panels, electricity and media consumption measurement systems (water, gas), DALI lighting systems, Signify; IoT devices, Smart Office

Data analytics, control, automation of building, industrial devices

  • Building Management System
  • Building Automation System
  • Control and monitoring of building systems
  • Visualizations and analytics of given building systems in the cloud or locally
  • Advanced reports on media consumption and system efficiency

Bespoke software solutions tailored to customer needs

  • Integration of unusual devices
  • Personalized reports
  • Unusual IoT visualizations
  • BIM services (digital building management model)
  • Integrations with applications
    and third party services

Our Mission & Focus

sustainability through automation focus

Our Focus: Sustainability and Security through Improved Tech Systems Automation

Mission Statement

We help commercial and industrial property managers reduce energy consumption in their buildings by offering an easy-to-use visual software which tracks, measures and intelligently adapts the HVAC+lighting (devices) energy consumption by adjusting it to the actual needs of each office in real-time. We believe that by doing this we can help significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our cities, making our planet cleaner, thus reducing energy bills and technological risks.

Data is the new oil

Commercial and Industrial buildings have lots of equipment inside but this data remains decentralized.

Peter Ferdinand Drucker once stated:

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

We see a great potential in building's systems data and we work to bring its power to our customers in real-time.

Energy efficiency

Commercial buildings in big cities are responsible for 50% of total energy consumption, hence it's crucial to manage it efficiently.

We aim to lower the power consumption of offices by at least 20-30% thus largely reducing the carbon footprint of our biggest metropolises.

The same challenges apply to industrial buildings.

Risk reduction

The efficient use of building's systems translates into reduced risk of:

  • energy certificates incompliance
  • penalties related to exceeding the ordered energy plan

We help our clients build resilient systems which optimize the energy consumption, saving money and mitigating technological risks.

Why Choose Us?

Open-Source community

Our software's core is based on home automation software systems and is backed by an open-source community.

We not only rely on our sole expertise but earn on hundreds of talented programmers with different areas of expertise.

Tailored to your needs

Our software is vastly customizable and can be adpated specifically to our client's needs.

We always deliver solutions which allow our client's to achieve their goals in the most efficient way delivering the best possible user experience.

Creativity & Innovation

Our teams is multi-talented and we have a vast experience in doing business. We understand our client's challenges as we are also entrepreneurs.

Your goals become our goals and we deliver them!


+48 ​721 151 666
+48 512 733 982

Our History

We consider ourselves a PropTech startup with our technological approach to delivering solutions for the Real Estate sector.
We have established ConnectorIO as a brand in late 2018 but the experience and input comes from previous years (2016-2018).

Connectorio’s expertise

Connectorio’s experience is entirely based on Open-Source and middleware[1]. Over the past 10 years, this was our primary focus. We have spent the last 8 years working with customers who used open source boosted by our knowledge to build bespoke products. Our expertise lets telecoms, insurance, banks, and other businesses to grow faster and deliver a better experience for their customers.

[1] Middleware - the software responsible for mediation, routing and other activities which enables more complicated business processes to be not only drawn, but implemented and run in organizations.

Our Automation Projects / Testimonials

Project involved complex aspects of open source customisations: writing complete set of extensions in Java for login and registration, look & feel adjustments leading to integration of 0Auth and OpenID. Connect standards with in-house supplier database. We as well as our customer believe that we received remarkable service which exceeded our expectations.
[...] strong commitment into the technical field let our customer offload own staff, great quality of contribution and smooth communication with the team and other third party contractors.

emax.it - recommendation

emax.it - Recommendation letter


IT integrations

Management of industrial 9 HVAC units (Norway, Swegon, 9000 m3/h each) - project aimed to reduce the amount of manual actions required to steer climate in office building. Major achievement was reduction of energy consumption, smaller overhead for facility management while keeping necessary climate in rooms.


HVAC units

Control application for Lutron lighting system (USA) - integration with vendor hardware through defined communication protocol. Our work led to the creation of completely new mobile application for users of the building which allowed them to manage Smart TV’s together with lighting.



Environment monitoring with BLE sensors (Poland) - proof of concept work with low energy sensors to track temperature, humidity and moisture point.


BLE sensors

Metering solution with OMS/WM-Bus (Germany) - data gathering system based on several gateways deployed in residential buildings which monitored in total several hundred smart meters reporting data such as water, gas, electricity and heat consumption creating a complete insight of demands occurring during daily building use.


OMS metering

Fine grained energy monitoring (Poland) - application with high density of probe cycles which detects drops of voltage supplied by grid and risk of device damage.



Team Connectorio

Trust us, we are Engineers!
Łukasz Dywicki CEO Connectorio

Łukasz Dywicki 
CEO, Lead Engineer

Łukasz is a JAVA Developer with experience in programming various industrial interfaces. CEO and founder of ConnectorIO.

Ireneusz Krajewski CMO Connectorio

Ireneusz Krajewski
CMO, Marketing & Sales

Ireneusz is a Civil Engineer with experience in industrial buildings and an on-line marketing specialist. CMO in ConnectorIO.

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