Technology of Better Decisions

Smart decisions accelerated by real, instant and accurate data.

Technology of Better Decisions

Energy Monitoring

One of classical management sentences says - “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. Media consumption is a wide topic, but we are lucky that the market offers a wide range of various measurement tools.

Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 topic consist of multiple areas which are cross cutting concerns. One of primary axes is technological advancement in development of cyber-physical systems.

Data logging

Do you know what your machinery and equipment does when you’re a sleep? Looking at logged data you will find answers for what happened when nobody did watch.

ConnectorIO® SDK

ConnectorIO® Software Development Toolkit deliver first class connectivity solution for industrial use cases. ConnectorIO® SDK is built on Apache PLC4X.

ConnectorIO® Agent

Supercharge your operations with our Gateway Software. Seamlessly connect, monitor, and optimize your machinery and processes through a user-friendly interface.

ConnectorIO® Gateway

ConnectorIO® Gateway is a hardware solution for running our Agent, the software that enables data acquisition and subsequent analysis.

Apache PLC4X

The Apache PLC4X project is universal library which is capable of connecting various industrial controls under single, unified and consistent programming interface. Apache PLC4X is a swiss army knife for industrial integration involving various equipment.

openHAB project

openHAB project is a well known and widely recognized home automation solution which offers variety of integrations. Evolution of openHAB is based on community effort with a help of openHAB Foundation which serve infrastructure and take care of related trademarks.

Custom Software Development

Have you found a use case which involves hardware/software integration running at the edge between IT/OT? We and our knowledge is ready to help you with our toolkits and extensive experience in building and integrating data pipelines.

Industry Week 2023

We announce our participation in Industry Week 2023 trade fair with Technische Alternative and ME Embedded.

"Intelligent Buildings" addon of polish's Real Estate Magazine

ConnectorIO contributes to “Intelligent Buildings” ebook released by Real Estate Magazine, Poland.

Cooperation with Zylk, our new customer from Spain

ConnectorIO begins cooperation with Zylk, a open source expert from Spain.