ME Embedded sp. z o.o.

ME Embedded is a technical trading company working “from idea to implementation”.

ME Embedded offer top-class services in the field of value-added distribution, technical consulting, hardware and embedded software design. It serves also small-volume electronics production and integration of industrial computer system.

ME Embedded is primarily focused on the ECT (Embedded Computer Technology) market. It is fully committed to support clients at every stage of their projects by sharing know-how and experience. Comprehensive knowledge of engineering and modern technologies, as well as extensive market experience allows ME Embedded to provide most reliable, best-in-class solutions, regardless of whether they are “standard” or “custom”. Thanks to innovation and close cooperation with suppliers and partners, it helps clients evolve and become leaders in the markets in which they operate. Gaining trust through reliable and long-term cooperation is what defines and distinguishes ME-Embedded.

Industrial computers are passion of ME Embedded.