ConnectorIO® Cloud

ConnectorIO Cloud is result of our effort to bring users and their data closer. Thanks to this service you can access all ConnectorIO Gateway’s you enabled, but not only. You can connect to any instance of ConnectorIO Agent, also running on your hardware. All data transfers between ConnectorIO Cloud and software installations are encrypted and secured.

Cloud functionality

ConnectorIO Cloud allow to reach gateway and its services from remote locations. It allows a remote management of integrated equipment and access to software configuration itself.

This service does not store nor attempt to persist any data. ConnectorIO Cloud stores the last value reported by the software (i.e. integrated hardware) in a buffer. All historical data is read from the device/software database. This means that any modifications made to the software installation will be visible through the cloud service.


The connection between Agent instance and cloud service is encrypted. Encryption layer rely on TLS, which is industry grade standard.

Authentication between software and cloud is based on token authentication (standardized under OAuth 2 Device Flow). Dedicated hardware-based deployments (ConnectorIO Gateway or others) can enhance security with hardware-assisted cryptography (i.e. TPM 2.0)


  • List of agents

    List of agents

    Listing of gateways and software agents.

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    Welcome screen
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    Login screen
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