Custom Software Development

Present days are filled with offers of IT companies which promise timely delivery of projects ranging from mobile applications to enterprise systems. You probably received a dozen of mail messages with above.

Another part of IT market is composed of body leasing firms which might offer you people or organized team to deliver project. Our take on all this is different - we do not promise that we know 10 technology stacks and can deliver projects in all of them. We also do not participate cloud supplier fight for your money, thus you won’t hear from us “Lets do a XYZ Lambda or WZX Big Query”. We believe that, once decision about investment in project is made, it is crucial to have clear process of how to maintain its results. This is the aspect which is often overlooked. ConnectorIO® being a reliable software supplier can guarantee you a stable and cost-effective operations after completion of initial goals. With or without cloud supplier involved.

Since we do have specific focus on cyber-physical systems which involve data integration, it makes us perfect partner for clients of three kinds:

  • Hardware manufacturers - who lack design skills for high level software.
  • Software companies - which need to interface with specific hardware systems.
  • Owners of large equipment sets with costly maintenance - who can’t rely solely on only one of above.

What is custom software by our mean?

Any of above primary customer kinds have different specifics. In order to reduce friction between project and assure stable delivery times we rely on software toolkits we support and use on daily basis. This means that majority of custom development is in fact making an extension to serve customer’s need.

We are able to make fully custom software, however before we do so, we go through evaluation of pros and cons to confirm that’s the best way. There might be multiple aspects such as hardware limitations or other requirements, we acknowledge them fully. Similarly like you - we need to understand all implications before project can be estimated.

What is needed for start?

We expect you to bring an accurate ‘problem statement’. While we can provide consultancy services, we believe that our services are best suited when problem is known and success criteria is well-defined. Only such projects can deliver results which are measurable and quantifiable.

Technology stack

Our regular technology stack involve Linux, Java programming language and its virtual machine (runtime). Depending on the need we will employ ConnectorIO® Agent and Apache PLC4X, for highly customizable scenarios we can employ Apache Karaf. We fulfil gap between edge and backend software through development of middleware software (pipelines, data mediation layer) serving your need. That’s why specific cloud environments are not a major concern.

Our solutions work with openHAB