ConnectorIO® Gateway

Step into the future of industrial and building connectivity with our IIoT Gateway – the gateway to a fully interconnected and data-driven ecosystem. Seamlessly integrate your machinery, gather real-time insights. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your decisions thanks to the guidance you can get from one smart gateway.

There are many Industrial Internet of Things solutions, but there are few which follow ConnectorIO’s philosophy towards deployment. It’s not only about plug & play, it’s about reducing commissioning time and simplify scaling up deployment further.

F.A.S.S.T Deployment

When we talk about plug and play often assumption comes to few wires or network plugs. In reality, plugging a network cable into any device is beginning of journey. Our F.A.S.S.T deployment approach consist of aspects which are crucial to successful pilots and scale-ups later on.

Fully featured - all functionality with no limits, with no conditions in what you get.
Accessible - you can manage everything through web browser without additional software.
Secure - from start, with no exceptions.
Structured - configuration management as a first class citizen.
Trustworthly - longevity in operations and stability under load.

Software included

Primary functionality of ConnectorIO® Gateway includes ConnectorIO® Agent and Linux® operating system. You get complete functionality of agent. Because agent is provisioned with its own embedded database, you do not need to employ additional servers at the start.

Hardware options

There is no single hardware platform which can host all use cases. That’s why we took an approach which rely on Linux, a stable and highly customizable operating system. By relying on open-source operating system we not only reduce licensing cost, but also benefit from wide ecosystem of tools and solutions available.

Fully scalable - PC

Situations which require high scalability, storage redundancy or multiple hardware interfaces are served by PC (x86_64) architecture. This platform provides a wide selection of hardware (both BOX and OEM) which can be composed into solution of right size for any deployment, even most demanding ones.

Affordable - ARM

When hardware interfaces are not concern, because they are common or limited by project scope, ARM architecture offers sufficient performance and reduced costs. Because our software is architecture independent it can run with no additional costs on ARM based computers and carrier boards.


  • ConnectorIO Gateway

    ConnectorIO Gateway

    Gateway device based on URVE A18-pro carrier board. It facilitates 2xCAN, 2xETH, 1xRS485 hardware interfaces.

    Internal expansion ports include mini PCI-e and mSATA slot.

  • PC based gateway

    PC based gateway

    Gateway based on Cincoze DA-1100 compact industrial computer. It facilitates 2xETH, modular I/O (RS232/422/485)

    Internal ports include mini PCI-e and SATA. Manufacturer offers range of devices in this family having various computing power.

  • Compulab IOT-GATE-iMX8

    Compulab IOT-GATE-iMX8

    Gateway based on IOT-GATE-iMX8. It facilitates 2xETH, modular I/O (RS232/422/485), possible TPM 2.0 chip.

    Internal ports include 2x mini PCI-e slots.


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