ConnectorIO® Agent

ConnectorIO, on August 30, 2023

ConnectorIO® Agent is a dedicated software distribution compatible with openHAB® project. Our agent provides feature complete and future-proof solution which includes visualization as well as management user interface, data logging capabilities and embedded database engine. The user interface can be used to conduct initial commissioning, configuration and eventual offloading of data to external database server or cloud service.

Supported protocols

The coverage of protocols is subject of change over time. Protocols can be divided into two primary groups - standard based, which rely on published materials, and vendor specific. Vendor specific protocols rely on reverse engineering effort which can vary in quality and maturity.

Protocol Standard Development level Maturity Features
ADS (TCP) Supported Mature R, W, S, D, P
BACnet Supported Mature R, W, D, P
CANopen Supported Mature R, W, S, C1
CAN RAW Supported Beta W, S
EtherNet/IP Supported Beta R, W
IO-Link Planned Development R, W, S, C1
M-Bus Supported Beta R
Modbus Supported Mature R, W
OPC UA Supported Beta R, W, S
S7-1200 (TCP) Supported Mature R, W
S7-1500 (TCP) Supported Experimental R, W, S
S7-300 Supported Experimental R, W
S7-400 Supported Experimental R, W, S
UR RTDE Planned Development W, S
WM-Bus Supported Beta S, D

Feature legend:

  • R read - support for reading data through polling
  • W write - write data
  • S subscribe - support for subscribe/listening mode
  • D discovery - device lookup through network interfaces
  • P data point discovery - support for discovery of device/equipment channels
  • C device configuration - detection of configuration parameters after identification of the device type

Hardware/os requirements

Computer with Linux operating system. While it is possible to run our software on Windows we do not support this operating system.

Minimum requirements:

  • Memory: 2GB
  • CPU: 2 cores, clock speed of 1,5 Ghz or more
  • Storage space: 2GB with another 2GB for logged data

Launch methods

Agent can be launched in several ways. Proof of concept deployments can be conducted by manual installation based on binary archive or linux package (for Debian/Ubuntu distributions). For offline deployments, ConnectorIO® Agent can be launched in a virtual environment from a virtual machine image (vmdk format).

Large scale and repetitive deployments may involve custom hardware or ConnectorIO® Gateway.

  1. Planned feature. ↩︎ ↩︎

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