ConnectorIO joins openHAB Foundation

Łukasz Dywicki, on January 14, 2024 Updated: January 26, 2024

We are returning to support the openHAB foundation after a long break. Starting from the first days of 2024, our company became a corporate member of the openHAB foundation.

The membership gives permissions to our company to take a vote in general assembly of foundation.

We treat this as an opportunity to financially support the foundation and maintain the infrastructure serving the project community. Health of openHAB project is close to our heart as it is part ConnectorIO® Agent. Our product dedicated to the integration of data and automation systems. Said Mr. Łukasz Dywicki, president of ConnectorIO board.

The openHAB project is community driven effort to bring a connected home. The project operates on multiple standards, between different vendors and their platforms The openHAB project is one of the well-recognized brands in the field of open source building automation. It was winner of IoT Challange in 2013, receiver of JavaOne Duke’s Choice Award 2013. Same year it was nominated to JAX Innovation Award in 2024. Next year it become winner of People’s Choice at Photoscapes IoT Awards 2014/2015. The openHAB was won people’s choice award while Node-Red received editors choice. Both projects are based on open source principles and active after 10 years since contest.

Our official ConnectorIO membership page within openHAB foundation.

Our solutions work with openHAB