Apache PLC4X

ConnectorIO, on September 4, 2023

Involvement of ConnectorIO® founding team members in Apache PLC4X project resulted in development of CANopen and Generic CAN driver for it. We adopt Apache PLC4X project in our products. This gives us a perspective of both - library maintainer and end user of library.

Service coverage

Our services in area of Apache PLC4X project focus primarily on custom software development on per-project basis. If you seek for continuous support of Apache PLC4X project take a look on ConnectorIO® SDK

ConnectorIO® is able to deliver work needed to develop new drivers or improve existing ones. While our present involvement in project development is not highest, our knowledge is still up-to-date. Whether your requirement is a new protocol or existing one - we have all the knowledge on how to integrate it with Apache PLC4X project sources. As our employees are Apache PLC4X project members we can guarantee inclusion of developed patches into project sources and its official releases.


Apache PLC4X project is still under continuous and dynamic development. From this point of view any training material will be outdated within several months from initial provisioning. For that reason we conduct trainings based on specific inquiries.

Primary areas in our training materials include:

  • Common protocol constructions
  • Protocol description with MSpec
    • Unit tests of serialization logic
  • Code generation
  • Implementation of driver communication logic
    • Negotiation phase
    • Testing of driver communication logic
  • Custom transports

Custom project criteria and conditions

In case of interest of our commercial services please be aware that ConnectorIO® is primarily focused on IT and software development. We are not an automation company thus we will require your full support in obtaining compatible hardware and programming of it.

Ideal scenario from our point of view include delivery of a sample hardware for time needed to conduct project estimation. Verification of integration possibility is a paid service of ours. In case if you are interested in maintenance of developed integration (either private or open source) we will require delivery of reference hardware.

Our solutions work with openHAB