Data logging

Unlock a new dimension of data collection and analysis with our software Data Logger. Collect, store and analyze key information in real time, effortlessly. Support decision making and process optimization. Bridge the gap between raw data and actionable insights to revolutionize the way you monitor and improve your operations.

Purpose of Data logging

Data logging serves to systematically collect, record, and store data from various sources over time. By providing a comprehensive and accurate record of events, measurements or processes, the recorder helps in analysis, troubleshooting and decision making. Thanks to the orderly recording of events, tools of this type allow you to monitor trends, identify anomalies and optimize activities. Whether for research, industry, or diagnostics, data logging is vital for insights, efficiency, and understanding complex systems.

Data Logging solution by ConnectorIO®

ConnectorIO’s solution is based on ConnectorIO® Agent. The agent, through the use of modular architecture and advanced software design principles, enables easy collection of data from various sources. Thanks to web based user interface it is easy to deploy and easy to run.

Covered protocols include:

  • ADS
  • BACnet
  • CAN
  • CANopen
  • Modbus
  • M-Bus
  • OPC UA
  • S7
  • Wireless M-Bus

Each of above protocols comes with its own configuration and customization capabilities.

Many of solutions available on market rely on write to SD cards, FTP upload or 3G connectivity. Our solution employ computer disks (SSD and PCIe storage) to serve its own embedded database. Database itself can be viewed via web browser or exported at any time to raw form (i.e. CSV). Collected data can be also streamed in real time to cloud service of your choice.

The 3G connectivity is available through modem cards available for computing devices.


  • Physical/logical view on devices

    Physical/logical view on devices

    List of configured devices used as data sources.

  • Data point tree

    Data point tree

    Organized tree of data points representing values collected from data sources.

Our solutions work with openHAB