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Technical systems in buildings hide a lot of data relevant to property management.
ConnectorIO generates Smart Reports based on data from devices that facilitate management and budgeting.

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ConnectorIO Reporting

Big Data analysis

connectorio smart reports

ConnectorIO Smart Reports - Analyze data in the cloud

Collecting data from devices has no value in itself. ConnectorIO visualizes data in the form of simple to understand charts with the possibility of exporting data.

Data can be saved in .CSV (Excel) and .XML files for further analysis in spreadsheets.

Data export (click to zoom)

Data export (click to zoom)

What we measure?

Smart Reports is a ConnectorIO module that generates data relevant to the Property and Facility Management departments that help in assessing device performance and property profitability.

Measurement of building efficiency and CO2 emmissions!

ConnectorIO Smart Reports

Smart Reports - The most important analytical data available on your screen

List of measured values:

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ConnectorIO measures and displays:

  • HVAC system efficiency
  • Electricity savings month to month [%]
  • Equivalent electricity consumption as CO2 emissions [tonnes]
  • Savings in gas and water consumption m / m [%]
  • ...and more.