Proptech​​​​ Company Mission

sustainability through automation focus

Our Focus: Sustainability and Security through Improved Tech Systems Automation

Mission Statement

We help commercial and industrial property managers reduce energy consumption in their buildings by offering an easy-to-use visual software which tracks, measures and intelligently adapts the HVAC+lighting (devices) energy consumption by adjusting it to the actual needs of each office in real-time. We believe that by doing this we can help significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our cities, making our planet cleaner, thus reducing energy bills and technological risks.

Data is the new oil

Commercial and Industrial buildings have lots of equipment inside but this data remains decentralized.

Peter Ferdinand Drucker once stated:

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

We see a great potential in building's systems data and we work to bring its power to our customers in real-time.

Energy efficiency

Commercial buildings in big cities are responsible for 50% of total energy consumption, hence it's crucial to manage it efficiently.

We aim to lower the power consumption of offices by at least 20-30% thus largely reducing the carbon footprint of our biggest metropolises.

The same challenges apply to industrial buildings.

Risk reduction

The efficient use of building's systems translates into reduced risk of:

  • energy certificates incompliance
  • penalties related to exceeding the ordered energy plan

We help our clients build resilient systems which optimize the energy consumption, saving money and mitigating technological risks.