Easy Building Inspections - Devices scanning

ConnectorIO can scan multiple installed devices simplifying the work of System Integrators with the powerful Auto-Discovery functionality.

auto discovery function

The auto-discovery function allows you to automatically scan, find and describe devices within the building's device infrastructure.
All the user has to do is scan the network and authorize the devices to be added to the system to start monitoring them and building automation rules in ConnectorIO.

Benefits of the auto-discovery process:

  • full automation of device detection,
  • saving time necessary to describe devices in the network (usually takes a lot of System Integrator's time),
  • automatic recognition of device functionality (input/output channels) - just start using the device's features right-away,
  • the ability to quickly and easily enable or disable specific device functions in the system (authorize/de-authorize).

The INBOX functionality​

Connectorio Inbox functionality

ConnectorIO INBOX panel - here you can scan the network ("Search for things") and add new devices ("Things") to the system.

Below you will find information on the compatibility of protocols / devices with the automatic detection of devices and their properties in ConnectorIO (auto-discovery, or so-called plug & play).


Auto-discovery feature compatibility

connectorio device auto-discovery compatibility

ConnectorIO - Device auto-discovery feature (plug & play) compatibility chart

* Automated - with an additional description or data source, the whole process can be done with minimal effort.
* Possible - feasible, not yet implemented.
* Template - you can create a device template and define it with one click.
* "Homie IoT" - An MQTT Convention for IoT/M2M - more informations: https://homieiot.github.io/

Supported system integrations

oms logo connectorio integration
knx logo connectorio integration
modbus logo connectorio integration
bacnet logo connectorio integration
wago logo connectorio integration
siemens logo connectorio integration
swegon logo connectorio integration
dali logo connectorio integration
bluetooth logo connectorio integration
zigbee logo connectorio integration
zwave logo connectorio integration

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