ConnectorIO Software - Main Benefits

Flexible architecture

ConnectorIO is made of multiple, scalable components which can be added or removed depending on your use case or business needs.

Data analysis / 1 UI

You can track and measure DATA from your technical devices such as heating, ventilation, air-conditioning etc. in a unified user interface.


DATA analysis helps uncover sub-optimal or faulty use patterns for different utilities (electricity, gas, water, heating) which enables you to uncover hidden potential for optimization.

CSV DATA export is possible.

Cloud access

ConnectorIO can run on a cloud server which allows to access the UI from devices installed in- or off-premises.

You can visualize the DATA on desktop devices as well as on mobile.

Of course you might as well keep all the data locally and/or restrict all access from outside.


Managing large portions of DATA requires additional security and managing user roles (access limitations depending on user clearance). These are features which we provide.

Also learn more about token authentification below.

ConnectorIO solves many compatibility issues as it allows different industrial standards to communicate and exchange DATA easily. New devices can be added on-the-fly without investing in expensive hardware interfaces.

Stop investing in managing various industrial standards with multiple different and/or incompatible software solutions. Connect all hardware & DATA in one software - ConnectorIO.

ConnectorIO is a software solution developed on openHAB and open-source software with personallized device drivers and with centralized security management.

ConnectorIO Software Components

ConnectorIO's architecture is based on components which can be tailored and adapted to Clients' specific needs.

The main ConnetorIO's components you can order are:

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ConnectorIO Metering

Utilities BILLING

It allows you to combine readings of various utilities, define groups of devices and generate reports from selected periods.

The readings from the devices are separate from the reporting function thanks to which the full flexibility in building a billing strategy to be maintained for the whole building.

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ConnectorIO Cloud Metering

Utilities BILLING

cloud based software (can be launched in- or off- premises) - the main purpose is to aggregate data from WM-Bus / M-Bus / MQTT concentrators as well as specific clients' hardware in order to create a complete billing platform.

​Lack of license costs, easy access to ​centralized data ​allows seamless work on any computer. Added value is the ability of the end user to access his own measurements either from the portal level or from the level of the mobile application.

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ConnectorIO Field Server


Allows communication to and from devices mapped using the ConnectorIO SDK. As a result, devices that are not compatible with each other can exchange information with each other.

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ConnectorIO Field Replicator


Change the physical device to virtual and replicate its status to subsequent systems using network communication - ​create your device digital twin with single click. Representation of the ​device, ​a meter, or ventilation unit was never so easy and so accessible from ​​standard IT solutions.

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ConnectorIO Token Authentication


Authorization of devices and their connection to user accounts. A secure way to integrate without passwords. The user confirms his access to the infrastructure and allows the device to access it.

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ConnectorIO Device Catalog

device management

Create device definitions and manage them. The catalog should be available online, while the definitions should be easily accessible on end devices and for Integrators during hardware startup.

Once described, the device after verification (moderation) should be available online.

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ConnectorIO Sky

cloud connectivity

Integration of clouds and data that are available in them through unification - data are grouped according to specific patterns (eg. organization/installation/device/channel).

ConnectorIO Software Technologies

Here's a list of the main software-specific technologies which we are currently using to develop ConnectorIO.

ConnectorIO SDK

Device Connectivity

Allows you to map devices and manage them using universal components maintained by ConnectorIO. Open source core guarantees openess for future integrations and ​provides easy extensibility at affordable cost.

ConnectorIO Modular Runtime

Device Connectivity, Billing

Java VM based ​runtime environment​. ​This component provides lower-level ​infrastructure ​which allows efficient development, evolution, and updating of software modules with no restarts.

ConnectorIO Industry SDK

Industrial Devices Connectivity

Connectivity to industrial devices ​and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) ​from major european manufacturers.

ConnectorIO Authorization Server


Based on common Internet standards ​such OpenID Connect / OAuth. ​Authorization server allows easy integration with 3rd party applications and 3rd party cloud services.

ConnectorIO Message Broker

​Device Connectivity

​​A battle proved messaging broker with MQTT/AMQP transport layer​ and native client libraries available for .NET and C++ environments.

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We have established Connectorio as a company in late 2018 but the experience and input comes from previous years and projects (2016-2018). Connect with us on social media to learn more or visit the documentation page.

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