ConnectorIO – User Interface

Connectorio is a smart software HUB to connect industrial and home automation hardware regardless the different communication standards used and their compatibility.

Here's a quick walk through the software interface.

Main Menu

The system has a management UI which allows controlling all aspects of deployment and integrated devices.
New integrations (devices) can be installed on the fly. Standard equipment is discovered automatically.

Connectorio software menu

Connectorio's software menu

Device Control Panel

In the main control panel users can do the following:

  • Users can see the state of inputs and outputs grouped
    by device.
  • In the case of writeable inputs, it's possible to switch them manually.
Connectorio device data capture

Connectorio device data capture

Inbox Functionality

  • Standard devices which can communicate back are recognized and listed in "Inbox".
  • The process is fully automatic, the end user is responsible for accepting of elements.
  • The scanning process can be started and repeated multiple times.
Connectorio Inbox functionality

Connectorio Inbox functionality

Device Management

  • In case of changes every device and its settings can be edited
    to match new configuration.
  • There is no need to reconfigure anything but eg. IP address.
Connectorio device management

Connectorio device management

Device Channels

  • Each device has multiple channels which can be linked or not.
  • If the appliance needs only a few there is no need to track all of them.
Connectorio device channels

Connectorio device channels


  • Rule selection - main cause followed by channel selection and definitions of actions.
Connectorio device automation

Connectorio device automation

Displaying Results

You can display the results on customizable dashboards.

Connectorio Data Visualization Example

Connectorio Data Visualization Example

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