PLC vs. ConnectorIO comparison table

PLC ConnectorIO comparison

There are many traditional solutions for connecting PLC (Programmable Line Controller) providers out there on the market. It is hard to make an ideal choice for your project without making a thorough comparison. – We did it for you! We have made this simple table to see how they compare with the ConnectorIO Gateway to help you … Read more

ConnectorIO Cloud vs. Local BMS comparison

cloud bms local bms comparison

Traditional – Local Building Management System architecture limitationsTraditional BMS or BAS systems have their limitations which result from the architecture used. Here’s a quick summary of those.Infrastructure elementTraditional Building Automation System architecture limitationPoint-to-Point connectionsExecuted using hardware gateways + programming in a “static” manner.GatewaysBasic gateways (system couplers)- $$$ expensive (hundreds EU),- combines only 2 standards,- standards … Read more

BMS Cloud Security

ConnectorIO Cloud security layers

Traditional BMS/SCADA systems versus the Cloud and Proptech solutionsBMS and SCADA systems are traditional IT solutions used in real estate to support technical systems.BMS and SCADAs are still working in the local network, even though many industries have moved their traditional services to the cloud. Examples are fintech, insurtech, medtech etc. Now is time for PropTech, or … Read more