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Measurement of media consumption in real time, report generation, forecasting of media fees based on trends.

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ConnectorIO Metering

Utilities BILLING

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It allows you to combine readings of various utilities, define groups of devices and generate reports for selected periods.

The readings from the devices are separate from the reporting function thanks to which the full flexibility in building a billing strategy to be maintained for the whole building.

Media measurements can be carried out based on the open European OMS standard.
OMS allows you to combine: Intelligent meters, water meters, heat meters, electricity meters, heat dividers.
The measurement can be carried out wirelessly via WM-Bus, or wired via M-Bus.

Przykładowe zestawy urządzeń i łączenie

OMS Devices

An example set of devices supported by ConnectorIO Smart Metering that operate based on the OMS standard.

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ConnectorIO Smart Metering - OMS Devices

Gas consumption metering

Examples of elements of the set:

  • Standard gas meter.
  • Impulses transmitter (Apator).
  • Radio converter.
  • Radio receiver on the computer side.
  • Multi-meter support.
apator impulse transmitter - impulses transmitter

Electrical energy metering

Examples of elements of the set:

  • PRO380 3-phase meter with modbus output
  • Modbus gateway (ethernet-serial adapter)
electricity metering set

Electricity measurement kit (click to enlarge)

BACnet / HVAC Integration

Examples of elements of the set:

  • Komfovent air handling unit
  • Ping2 module – BACnet network interface
bacnet ping2 module

BACnet Ping2 module

ConnectorIO - Media consumption graphs and data export

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building automation temperature visualization
building automation energy power graph