What is ConnectorIO?

It is a condition-based monitoring tool that gives you the essential management tips matching the property.

Today, in our fast-paced environment, it is vital to collect data automatically, and make sense of it - fast! 

That's why we created a tool that helps Property Managers gather information from properties in a single place and easily benchmark it.

ConnectorIO Module 1

Why do you need ConnectorIO?

It gives you a better overview of the technical condition of a property and full awareness of profitability and investment needs.

Continuous maintenance of buildings and their infrastructure is a difficult task. How do you know the exact cost of elements in such a complex environment? 

With the help of our solution, you will be able to calculate the exact return-on-investment. You will know the results within days of the implementation. The long billing cycles which force you to guess and work based on assumptions will be gone.

ConnectorIO Module 2

How ConnectorIO works?

It provides a real-time inspection and monitoring of any property and displays feedback from installations and machines of any building.

We plug directly into systems that are the heart of the building and turn data they emit into insightful information. We leave no gaps in between.

Your finances department can have a direct view of every aspect of the operations.

You can see how these systems work, how much they cost, and if improvements you paid for have made any impact.

ConnectorIO Module 5

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ConnectorIO Cloud main dashboard min


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